Icelandia – The Ice Factory


Welcome to Icelandia. We are the only ice factory on the planet that doesn’t sell just ice! If you come to us, our intention is not necessarily to determine you to buy, but especially to help you find yourself. This is the place where you can find optimism, enthusiasm and joy of living and doing things with passion and attention. All this combined (as in a cocktail) with the basic ingredient: ice.
Having experience in this field since 2001, a production capacity of 25 tons/24 h and national distribution, you can count on us anytime you need ice.
Icelandia’s Vision
(which is the purpose for which we exist?) We exist in order to encrease the living standards in Romania by providing an additional product, essential for summer (and necessary for winter), and customary to a Western lifestyle: ice.
Icelandia’s Mission
(what we must do to fulfill our purpose?) We encourage and develop the ice consumption culture, increase the awareness and the acceptance of the product in the market as a “consumer product” and deliver it in the current standards of quality and safety of food.

Icelandia’s Values

We support, promote and encourage personal initiative in innovation and we strongly believe that any human being can be creative.
For everyone to feel involved and valued, we give specific benefits to valuable initiatives and innovations, so we all feel and think in terms of innovation.
Integrity and Character:
These are essential features, necessary for all those who currently work in the company and are paramount for those who join us in the future.
We focus on continuing education and training in order to obtain and maintain a healthy organizational culture based on vision and strategy.
“You can’t do things better by making them just as you were doing them before.” We read, learn and progress.
We approach a flexible, efficient, effective and friendly attitude in order to achieve and maintain a differentiation in the market, with regular attention to the changing needs of the customer and the dynamic changes in the market.
Social Responsibility:
We take care of the environment by continuously investing in modern technologies that ensure an effective balance between internal resources and the protection of the environment.
We support activities and organizations that aim to help the underprivileged.

The Icelandia Team

Denisa Luncan CFO assistant It’s so hard changing myself. So I don’t want to change anybody.
Irina Colcigeanu Economist I fully live each moment, I am enjoying what I have and I’m surrounded by good hearted people.
Adriana Plesca CFO I love children, they love me in turn (I have a fantastic success in any kindergarten I go) and I love to travel.
Marius Pintea Area Manager Living the life! Hopefully understanding it too.
Ovidiu Lingurar aka Boc Production Line Manager I feel good in my skin and I’m doing my job as well as I can. It’s an error to constantly compare yourself with others.
Samuel Mihuta aka Sami Logistics & Sales Manager Be the master of yourself and you will rule the world. Dostoevsky says … and I believe him.
Florin Gug aka Gugu Sales Agent I’d rather be sick, than being sorry.
Paul Coman aka Pablo Sales Agent Time waits for no one, so I treasure every moment that I have.
Vali Simion Sales Agent I never say “never”. I don’t let myself defeated. Full stop.
Remus Rogoveanu Sales Agent I live my life a quarter mile at a time. … Nothing else matters. For those ten seconds or less, I’m free. Dominic Toretto – The Fast & The Furious 2001
Sorin Radu Sales Agent Common sense guides me in everything I do and say.
Laszlo Boros Operators Team Leader I work for pleasure, so the salary is just a bonus. I love this company.
Adrian Hulber Ice Sculptor I use my mastery in everything I do.
Dani Ardelean Sales Agent “Man is not made for defeat. Aman can be destroyed but not defetead.” – Ernest Heminghway
Gabriel Plesca Co-founder & CEO Who doesn’t know to laugh, it’s not a serious man. – Don Orione
Florin Plesca Co-founder & GM At the end if our lives, what we most regret are the risks we didn’t take, the potential we didn’t use and the difference we didn’t make. Robin Sharma