Ice cubes – 2.5 kg

Are you tired to prepare your own ice? These ice cubes will help you! Packed in bags of 2.5 kg, these ice cubes are perfect to be stored directly in your freezer!

Cocktail Ice (ground) – 5 kg

Get rid of the monotony of beer or wine and choose a cocktail. Whether you prefer a Mojito or a Cuba Libre, Cocktail Ice is perfect for a refreshing and full of flavor drink. Packed in bags of 5 kg, Cocktail Ice can be easily carred and stored.

Bulk ice – 10 kg

If you need large quantities of ice, the bulk ice is perfect for you! The 10 kg ice bags provide “low-cost” ice for cooling beverages. Note: Bulk Ice is broken ice. These are not Ice Cubes or Cocktail ice.

Ice Shots

Refresh your drink with style!

Why fill your glass with ice cubes when you can choose Ice Shots? We propose these cool glasses, ideal for Tequila, Whisky, Jegermeister, etc…

For loyal customers, we offer 36 FREE Ice Shots (2 packs x 18 Ice Shots) at a minimum order of 50 kg of Ice Cubes or Crushed Ice.


Storage capacity: between 50 and 70 bags of 2.5 kg ice

Storage capacity: between 230 and 260 bags of ice to 2.5 kg